What is Bartonellosis?

Bartonella,the bacteria that live inside the lining of the blood vessels. They can infect humans and mammals. The resulting disease is called bartonellosis.

How does one get affected?

Bacteria of bartonella are known to be carried by fleas, body lice and ticks.


Bartonella causes chronic infection. Patients may suffer from relapses as bartonella periodically cycles back into red blood cells, which provides a protective niche for bacteria.Early signs include fever, fatigue, headache, poor appetite, and an unusual streaked rash that resembles “stretch marks”.Swollen glands especially around the head, neck and arms. Patients report more neurological symptoms and likely to have visited a neurologist. Some of common symptoms include blurred vision, numbness in the extremities, memory loss, balance problems, headaches, ataxia (unsteady gait), and tremors. Bartonellosis sometimes triggers psychiatric manifestations.

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