Face Rejuvenation

Young Looking Face, Wrinkle Free Skin and Smooth Polished Texture

Face Rejuvenation

Late nights, early mornings, braving the city traffic, stress at work, heat, cold, dust, endless cups of tea & coffee, liquor at parties; it is not difficult to figure out why our skin looks so lifeless, pale, spotted, and wrinkled as we get older and eventually makes us cringe every time we look in the mirror or when the light casts an unflattering angle on our faces.

A few sessions of 4-Dimensional Face Rejuvenation with us and your skin will be creamy, smooth, and glowing with a uniform texture.


What is the 4-Step Face Rejuvenation Procedure?

After an in-depth analysis of your skin, we identify and address skin problems like redness, mottled complexion, freckles, acne, sun damage and so on.

Step One – Skin Polishing

Microdermabrasion, in simple terms, is a skin polishing technique to remove dry, flaky skin, smooth & even out skin tone and reduce the pore size. Skin becomes rough and leathery over time caused by excessive exposure to the sun. This exfoliating procedure removes dead surface cells and fights fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged oily pores and acne scarring.

Step Two – Skin Peels

The next step in our skin exfoliation process comprises our tropical bio-organic exfoliating creams and superficial natural peels which combined with alpha hydroxy acids help bring a fresh glow to your skin.

Step Three – Laser Photo Facial

Our next step is vital for the removal of facial wrinkles & fine lines, shrinking pores & decreasing or eliminating redness found deep in the epidermis. It helps stimulate the creation of new collagen, giving your face a more youthful appearance. Laser Photo Rejuvenation removes facial wrinkles and softens them ensuring that your skin looks firmer and smoother. Pigment changes, wrinkles & scars that develop with age & sun damage are removed creating healthy, younger looking skin.

Two advanced lasers are used for this treatment — one to tighten the skin and the other to impart deep tissue rejuvenation. Skin tightening is an important component of the facial rejuvenation process and one that will surprise you with its effectiveness.

Step Four – Enrichment and Cooling Mask

A vitamin enriched natural product is applied over the face. This is beneficial for enriching your skin. This is then removed and finally, a cooling mask application made from natural & aromatic oils is applied over your face. This completes the process and gives desired results for your skin.

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