Hair Regrowth Treatment

Helps cure Male Pattern and Female Pattern Hair Loss

Hair Regrowth Treatment

Androgenetic Alopecia, the most common cause of hair fall in both men and women, always follows a specific pattern and accordingly has been graded into the various grades of the Male pattern and Female pattern hair loss. As the grade of hair loss in a person increases, the treatment has to be modified keeping in mind the current grade of hair loss and the most appropriate therapy for the grade.


What are the initial and advanced grades?

In the initial or the early grades of Androgenetic Alopecia, the person would get good results by medical therapy alone, using lotions that help in the hair fall control and maintenance of the existing hair to grow better. Not every person suffering from hair loss would come to medical attention at such an early stage and many patients would come for a medical opinion on their hair fall concern only in the grades 2 or 3 of Androgenetic Alopecias.

In advanced grades like Grade 2 or Grade 3 of hair loss, just applying the medicated lotions with or without vitamin supplementation may not get satisfactory results, and in such patients, it is always better to have a holistic solution for their hair fall problem.

How does the therapy work?

Advanced Root Rejuvenation Therapy (RRT), as it is popularly called, is a successful, results- oriented treatment, from the time of its launch, has seen people vouching for the good results that they have got. So much has been the success of this treatment protocol that we have patients coming in from even other parts of the country and asking specifically for RRT.

The treatment is done by our expert, in-house Dermatologists, who would first analyse the suitability of RRT in an individual coming for hair fall concern So, much during the consultation and if the patient needs it, the process can be started right away.

What is the procedure?

The treatment protocol consists of six (6) sessions of treatment on a monthly basis. During the treatment protocol, the patient can still continue using the medicated lotions that he/she had been using. The treatment is done by the Dermatologist using a high-quality drug delivery device that ensures medicine delivery directly into the hair root and hence the name.

The medicine consists of a mixture of ingredients decided by the dermatologists based on the severity of the hair fall in an individual patient. Each session takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete and the person can resume their regular activities right away with no downtime at all.

What are the results?

None of the medicines used in the protocol cause any side effects during or after the procedure. The results that a person can expect comprises a good control of hair fall, hair strengthening, increased hair thickness owing to the better growth of the existing scalp hair. Due to these positive impacts, the person gets very good results. The progress is assessed at regular intervals and individual attention is given to every client. The grades of hair loss which respond favourably include mainly grade 1 to grade 3. It also goes a long way in the maintenance of existing hair in advanced grades of hair loss and also in post hair transplant patients.

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