Lip Injections

For fuller and beautiful lips

Due to age and other factors, most people lose volume in their lips, leaving them aged and wrinkled. Lip augmentation can enhance or restore a fuller shape to your lips and help you get fuller, more luscious lips. We will help you get the lips you desire. Whether you want your lips modelled after a famous actor or actress or you have an idea of how you want your new lips to be shaped, just bring along a photograph of your ideal lips for a consultation.


Who should go for Lip Injections?

There are many reasons why a person would want to undergo lip enhancement.
• Achieving a more sensuous look
• Providing more balance to facial features
• Restoring lost volume and shape

Be sure to discuss your own reasons with our cosmetic surgeon during your consultation visit.

What Are the types of fillers used in Lip Augmentation?

There are various methods used to augment the lips, including the use of implants. The most common way to increase lip size is with injectable fillers. RestylaneTM, a recent development in cosmetic surgery, is effective. Each of the fillers has its own set of benefits and risks.

Which are the most common fillers used?

Collagen – A protein found in our bodies, collagen provides support to various areas of the body, including the lips. For cosmetic surgery purposes, collagen is produced from purified bovine tissue, collagen. This product can be produced in various thicknesses to meet individual patient needs. However, a skin test for allergic reactions is required before receiving collagen.

Fat – Fat from one’s own body is another form of filler used to plump the lips. Because the fat comes from the patient’s body, there is no risk of any allergic reaction occurring.

RestylaneTM – This product is a non-animal, biodegradable gel based on hyaluronic acid, another substance found in our own bodies. Because collagen is non-animal based, an allergic reaction occurring is highly unlikely.

How much does a lip filling surgery cost?

For an estimate on how much a lip augmentation may cost, we recommend that you book a consultation by calling us for our lip injection prices.

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