PCOD or PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Disease or syndrome) is a medical problem in women when the sexual hormones estrogen and progesterone go haywire which include the growth of small ovarian cysts. Menstrual cycle disruption, fertility issues, cardiac problems and unwarranted changes are implications of PCOS. Cysts are most of times benign in nature but they cause imbalance of hormone level which results into issues related to pregnancy.


Causes of PCOD or PCOS:

Hormonal Imbalance.
Prior history of PCOS in family.
Genetic reasons.
Elevated level of Androgen hormone.


Symptoms of PCOD or PCOS:

Excessive hair on body and face.
Weight Gain.
Irregular or abnormal periods.
Pain and bleeding during periods.
Pelvic pain.
Despondency and anxiety.
Problems pertaining to fertility and pregnancy.
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