Smallpox is a disease causing rashes on the face, legs, hands, arms and etc. This contagious disease spreads from a person to another which is caused by the virus naming ‘Variola’ which comes in two forms.The variola virus has two forms namely Variola minor and Variola major. The virus resembles a brick like structure and has a barrier layer, which it takes from the host cell. The virus core is dumbbell shaped whose core has the DNA and necessary proteins in it which are required to replicate in the host cell. Incubation period of disease is about 17 days causing severe fever along with rashes on the body.


Smallpox is an Airborne disease with a faster rate of transmission.Causes are-

Disease is spreads through a cough, sneeze, and also with the exchange of body fluids such as blood and etc.
It is mainly caused by the infection of the virus called variola which is a deadly type of virus. It spreads from person to person or transmitted from the infected ones. It is even caused by face to face contact with the infected person.
It is transmitted through the saliva which can pass on through sharing drinks.
It is even caused by touching any contaminated area.
By the use of unclean needles or syringes or the used ones.


After the virus infection, symptoms aren’t visible for about 17 days resulting in severe symptoms as given below-

Person develops a severe headache.
Develops Back pain.
Pain the abdominal region.
Vomiting or condition of nausea.
Formation of rashes which are filled with pus or fluid.
Complications such as scars and blindness.
Develop deformities in the limb.
Itching sensation and much more.
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