Typhoid Fever


Typhoid is an infectious and bacterial disease that mainly spreads through the contaminated water and food and also due to the poor hygienic conditions. This disease causes an illness and acute fever in the body and is caused by the bacteria naming Salmonella typhi. This bacterium is the main cause of food poison that happens in various ways.


Salmonella enterica serotype typhi which is Salmonella typhi in common terms is the bacteria, the main cause of this disease. It is also called as gram negative bacteria, as it has thin cell wall and an outer membrane which are reddish colored with a gram stain. These rod shaped cells and lives and grows in the small intestine of human body. This bacteria survives in environments rich in oxygen and also found in sewage, water bodies and sometimes foods too.The bacterial invasion in the human body generally occurs through the contaminated foods and drinks entering into the intestinal cells which later passes through the bloodstream destroying the lymphatic system which spreads throughout the body. This bacterium is transmitted by the white blood cells present in liver and also the bone marrow where they multiply and reenter the blood cells causing symptoms in the later stages.


The symptoms of typhoid are:

Profuse sweating.
Illness or weakness.
Loss of appetite.
Develop hallucinations.
Develop abdominal pain.
Ulcers and body stools.
Severe headaches and irritation.
High fever.
Dehydration in the body.
Develop skin rashes.
Constipation and etc.
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