She won’t mess-up the household dynamic because of the matchmaking the woman foster brother

She won’t mess-up the household dynamic because of the matchmaking the woman foster brother

The episode ends with Callie and you may Jude’s dad showing up and you will telling them he likes them however, that he is signing out his legal rights

Meanwhile, Stef and you can Lena is actually interviewing Timothy off their children’s college or university who’s offering their characteristics in order to give their spunk so you can Lena very she can become pregnant. Lena appears to be really on-board with this particular decision feel swinging right back, she’s approached from the Zac’s mom just who attracts the girl out to dinner.nonetheless it works out Stef has some inquiries even when she consents. Stef after that simply leaves the institution to go over so you can Mike’s household to chastise him to possess grounding Brandon without consulting with the woman basic. She reminds him one she still has child custody and requirements in order to be consulted all of the time. The view then changes so you can Callie that is talking about the woman thoughts regarding their father because of the speaking with certainly one of the lady members of the family one she know within the juvenile detention. . Later, Timothy the teacher that is offering Stef and you can Lena his jizz gets to our home to wank on cup whenever he could be completing the work, God notices your leave the restroom and you may miracle what is going into. Lena and you may Stef upcoming tell group one to evening regarding their plans having a child by natural means. Whenever expected as to why he says as it was the new honest issue to-do, and this he could never enable him or her the way Stef and you may Lena has. And this is where occurrence concludes which have Callie and Jude having the ability to be officially adopted because of the Stef and you can Lena.

Stef at the same time requires the news headlines very well, just after Lena comes back and you will informs this lady new discover pointers

Lena and Zac’s mommy is counting votes with the winter months king and you will queen. Lena up coming would go to Brandon and you may tells him to ask Callie to help you dancing and so the principal will find she’s participating. Jesus aims conversing with her he is getting mathematics help away from, however, she sees compliment of their erratic behavior in place of their drugs and you will she treks aside. Brandon asks Callie so you’re able to moving, and so they dance. Meanwhile back to the restroom there are infants having a drink dishonestly. Marianna and Zach is actually dancing whenever Zach’s mother cuts into dance that have Zach. She accuses Zach from screwing Marianna in advance of powering off. The fresh new occurrence then shifts back again to Brandon and Callie just who says this woman is sick and tired of getting evaluated from the men. The guy believes but it’s since he or she is aggravated that she did not in order to satisfy your last week. They mention becoming along with her, however, she would like children; and you can, whenever the woman is observed because of the Lena and you can Stef, theoretically Callie and you can Brandon will be brother and you may brother. He then says to the woman to inform your one thing to build your get over their. She says to your whenever she and you may Wyatt went away with her, which they slept along with her.

Stef allows Lena realize about the come back off Brandon. They then explore Brandon’s you are able to punishment about school (towards bogus We.Ds). Expulsion is obviously available for B. Similarly to Brandon, Callie lies to your stairs hearing everything you, perhaps blaming by herself getting Brandon’s measures.Lena is seen appointment Timothy later on, therefore they can indication the newest donor agreement papers. But unfortunately for Lena, it appears that Tim try reconsidering their offer. The guy explains to help you their which he simply cannot think the getting a young child that he aided create call at the country…but really the guy are unable to have any part of one to. This actually leaves Lena devastated. Lena explains you to she got bloodstream work and you may studies done prior to future family only to be certain that she isn’t really already expecting. However, when they consistently cam, Stef’s genuine thinking them having a baby come-out. Lena, unsure things to act draws the fresh classic hushed cures this lady wife’s way and you may exit’s the kitchen.

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