The Fat Secrets!

As you already probably know, there are many misconceptions floating around the internet about fat loss.
In fact, most people FAIL at getting slim because theyʼre following the wrong advice!
So to help prevent this from happening, weʼve put together a list of five industry secrets you better pay attention to if you want to finally trim down that “belly pooch.” you canʼt stand.

The good news: you can start dropping unwanted pounds and keep them off without starving yourself. Thatʼs why weʼve put together our 5 top secrets everyone 10 lbs or more overweight NEEDS to know to get in the best shape possible.
Letʼs get started…

Industry Fat Loss Secret #1: Eating Fat Wonʼt Make You Fat
Hereʼs the truth: Eating fat does not make you fat. The only kind of fat you need to avoid like the plague is the highly processed trans-fatty kind normally found in meats, cookies, crackers, and other packaged foods. But thatʼs not what the media is selling. They lump all fat into one category, OBESITY, and itʼs scaring the daylights of people like you, who are not naturally gifted at losing weight.

Hereʼs what they should be telling you.
Healthy fats, like those found in olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, and fish oil, actually help the body to release fat. In fact, in one study from Holland, it was shown that fatty acids like those found in some nuts and fish could actually raise your resting metabolic rate (e.g. your metabolism). That means you can lose weight even when youʼre not working out!

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